Shana Evans Bassett, LAPC



People seek counseling and psychotherapy for many reasons. They may struggle with relationships, mood or behavior problems, life transitions, identity concerns, past trauma, or persistent problems that keep them stuck in life. While individual client needs and backgrounds vary greatly, I believe that people grow and change best within a specific kind of relationship – one that is emotionally safe and built on a foundation of mutual respect, autonomy, and truthfulness. This is the type of relationship I provide to my clients.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the human experience; therefore, I draw from a variety of theories in my work, including attachment, psychodynamic, person-centered, interpersonal-relational, and cognitive-behavioral perspectives. I offer an authentic, direct, and empathic style that validates clients’ experience while challenging them to grow.

Therapy is an intimate partnership that requires courage and commitment from both client and therapist. It is my honor to join with you on your journey and provide a real relationship within which you can heal old wounds, grow into your full potential, and change your life for the better.  I am under the clinical supervision of Dr. Amy Smith Barnes.

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