Laura Knox Furfari, LMFT

Psychology Today Profile

I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families on a range of problems including: difficult relational issues (romantic, familial, friendships, work-related relationship),  difficult life-transitions (separating, moving, death/loss, melding families, college transitions, etc.), anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, self-harm, cessation from substance abuse, and gender and sexuality issues. 


I believe in creating a warm, nonjudgmental atmosphere where clients can feel free to be and express themselves fully. I work with each of my clients to uncover what might be keeping them "stuck" so that they can move toward more healthy, happy lives.


With a background in Marriage and Family Therapy, I often invite clients to consider the various systemic influences in their lives - as there are many variables that contribute to who we are and how we act, think and feel. While I tailor sessions and interventions to each client's or family's needs, I have a clinical foundation Experiential Therapy and am also intensively trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) by Treatment Implementation©. I conduct adult DBT groups, do long-term individual DBT therapy, and can collaborate with other individual therapists to provide DBT coaching in tandem with their current work.

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