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Does the state of our current culture leave you drained, unfocused, anxious, jealous, or depressed? Are you overwhelmed by the barrage of news feeds, tweets, blogs, breaking news, texts, and endless e-mails?  As a therapist, I enjoy working with those who want to learn to be more intentional with their time, wellness, relationships, behaviors, spirituality and/or professional direction.  


I work with individuals, couples, and families.  From teens to older adults, I work with a variety of ages. My clients are often dealing with issues in school/home, parenting issues, navigating the dating world, divorce, adjustment to college, grief, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and many other life issues. I work with many professionals hoping to pursue balance in their chaotic lives.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. At The University of Georgia, I studied Clinical Social Work with a special focus in Marriage and Family Therapy. Couples counseling can be a wonderful resource when each individual in the relationship has applied all of the tools they know and are still feeling stuck in conflict. Newly engaged or cohabitating partners may learn valuable skills in couples counseling that can facilitate more efficient communication, conflict resolution, and a deeper knowledge of each other. 


Additionally, I work with clients that have experienced or are experiencing trauma. Through the developmental stages, many of us normalize the trauma we have experienced until our body is no longer able to on-board further stress. By taking a deeper look at our experiences and relationship patterns, we may find trauma from the past that we are having difficulty moving on from. I have had additional training in Brainspotting and utilize this tool to help clients de-escalate their activation around certain issues. I am also a member of the Southeast Brainspotting Institute, the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Workers, and the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy.

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